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Minimalistic Jewelry Guide

Simplicity is a new trend, and once it comes to jewelry style, it looks like a simple craze. The higher part of the past decade has dominated the high street and any urban environment, with simple jewelry bringing alternative planning, efficient aesthetics in the spotlight – and no signs of regression. Although it is oversized, the declared jewelry items can still be found on the runway, and the art movement is the place where millennials draw inspiration. Against consumerism and...

10 Unique Jewelry Pieces from Bovanni Mobius Collection

fashion jewelry mobius unique earring
This fashion jewelry collection was inspired by Mobius Strip. Mobius is the only mathematical shape to have one boundary with the outside and the inside forever intertwined. There are so much power and meaning hidden in this beautiful and elegant collection. For self-care, the form symbolizes the balance between our inner and outer selves and reminds us not to forget our true color. For love, it’s a symbol of faith in a relationship with loved ones, a wish of longing for...