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10 Unique Jewelry Pieces from Bovanni Mobius Collection

This fashion jewelry collection was inspired by Mobius Strip. Mobius is the only mathematical shape to have one boundary with the outside and the inside forever intertwined. There are so much power and meaning hidden in this beautiful and elegant collection. For self-care, the form symbolizes the balance between our inner and outer selves and reminds us not to forget our true color. For love, it’s a symbol of faith in a relationship with loved ones, a wish of longing for infinite and endless love.

As for the design, there are a lot of details in every simple piece worthy of note. The iconic soft curves, fluid shape, and twisted design run through the whole series. You can find a sense of delight in the simplest heart-shaped pendant. Or you will be amazed how open rings could be that special. The combination of significant meaning and trendy design makes it a uniquely thoughtful gift for yourself or loved ones. Here we pick some of our best Mobius jewelry for you.


1. 14K Gold Dainty V Ring

If you are looking for something sparkle without it being too flashy. This design adds something new to a classic design that sometimes borders on overdone.

fashion mobius jewelry rings unique


2. Chic Triangle Drop Earring

These pair threader MÖBIUS earrings are the perfect accessories to transfer your outfit from day to night. Their sensual expression is certain to boost your appearance without stealing the attention meant for you.

 fashion mobius jewelry drop earring unique


3. Rose Gold Heart-shaped Necklace

The rich rose gold color screams for joy and pleasure, while the heart shape design is a beautiful reminder of the need to care and love.

fashion mobius jewelry necklace rose gold


4. Unique Mobius Infinity Ring

Best of all, this special twist shape ring is a good way to express your personal style, and bring you the ultramodern look.

fashion mobius jewelry infinity rings unique



5. Trendy V Necklace

There's nothing wrong with a classic chevron necklace, but this fall, we're looking to take them to the next level. Combine with the Mobius strip design, this necklace isn’t for the faint of heart.

 fashion mobius jewelry necklace


6. Minimalist V Stud Earring

These earrings could work for a party, but would be even cooler with jeans and a t-shirt in the day.

fashion mobius jewelry earring rose gold


7. Affordable Fancy Open Ring

Modern and versatile, this open band can be worn every day in replacement of a wedding band, or stacked two create the illusion of a bigger or more ornate ring.

fashion mobius jewelry open bend rings unique


8. BOVANNI Exclusive Star Necklace

Elevate a t-shirt and jeans combination by adding this lovely stunner. No matter what the occasion, this star necklace make it easy to impress.

fashion mobius jewelry star necklace


9. Delicate Pentagon Pendant

Whenever your neckline is feeling a little empty, this tiny pentagon necklace adds just the right amount of shine.

fashion mobius jewelry pendant unique


10. Artistic Wave Ring

Esthetically, this is another choice for more creative ladies. This ring will make your everyday outfit instantly cooler and also very comfortable to wear.

fashion mobius jewelry rings uniqe


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